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Waymo, Lyft Team Up in Arizona to Offer Self-Driving Car Rides

May 8, 2019 The partnership will allow Lyft users in the Phoenix area to hail one of 10 self-driving Waymo cars.

Meet the T. Rex Cousin You Could Literally Look Down On

May 7, 2019 The 92-million-year-old relative of the so-called king of the dinosaurs only would have grown to about the size of a toddler.

Asteroid Sample Helps Settle Which Scientific Theories Hold Water

May 7, 2019 Research at ASU suggests a family of common, silicon-rich asteroids could hold enough water to fill half the Earth's oceans.

NASA Announces First Detection of ‘Marsquake’

Apr 29, 2019 While scientists had picked up vibrations before, the recent detection was the first clearly coming from the planet.

Desert Museum Welcomes Ocelot Kitten

Apr 26, 2019 Pictures of the kitten were headlined "cuteness overload" on social media.

Who Touched It First? Most People Say, ‘I Did’

Apr 25, 2019 A researcher says the experiment in perception can help people be more understanding about others' perspective.

Biodiversity Roadmap Calls For Conserving Ecosystems to Save the World

Apr 22, 2019 An author of the study says preservation is essential to meeting carbon goals and to stabilizing vital, interconnected systems.

UA Researchers Study Impact of Elephants on South African Landscapes

Apr 18, 2019 Elephant populations are prospering but causing problems for grassland tree and vegetation growth.

UA Astronomers Contribute to Historic Image of Black Hole

Apr 17, 2019 Faculty and student researchers worked on the method used to generate the groundbreaking picture.

ASU Expert: Too Soon to Call Philippine Remains New Homo Species

Apr 15, 2019 While the discovery of the remains is important, the declaration of a new species is problematic, says Bill Kimbel.

Effort Aims to Help Local Governments Understand and Apply Climate Data

Apr 11, 2019 The Science for Climate Action Network wants help cities and states adapt and respond to climate change.

Astronomers Reveal First Image of a Black Hole

Apr 10, 2019 The picture, assembled from data gathered by eight radio telescopes around the world, shows the hot, shadowy lip of a supermassive black hole

Five Years Later, Effects of Colorado River Pulse Flow Still Linger

Apr 9, 2019 While many effects were short-lived, it had a lasting impact on the imaginations of those connected to the river delta.

Former Astronaut Mae Jemison to Speak at UA Commencement

Apr 8, 2019 The space exploration trailblazer will address the class of 2019 in May.

Modeling Ocean Recovery at Biosphere 2

Apr 5, 2019 Scientists at the facility are beginning an experiment to fix the facility's ocean as a model to help corals on a global scale.

Scientists Confirm Methane on Mars, Locate Possible Source

Apr 4, 2019 The authors also used geology and climate models to plot the gas's likely source.

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