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Research Reveals Climate-Driven Bird Collapse in Mojave Desert

Aug 10, 2018 Deserts globally have borne the brunt of warming and drying over the past 50 years.

Fight Your Fear of the Future with a "100 Year Plan"

Aug 9, 2018 Also on Arizona Spotlight: Is Arizona ready for wildfires on the scale of those ravaging California?, how to help hummingbirds beat the peak summer heat, and stories of kindness in action.

Giant Strainer Seeks to Clean Up Oceanic Garbage Patches

Aug 8, 2018 An Arizona researcher says it's only one approach to an dire problem that requires a variety of mitigation strategies.

2,700 Scientists: Planned Border Wall a Threat to Biodiversity

Aug 7, 2018 Scientists from 47 countries reviewed a scientific paper and concluded Trump's border wall will be an ecological disaster.

Forest Thinning, Burning Project OK'd to Protect Reservoir

Aug 6, 2018 The plan is aimed at preventing severe fire, erosion and flooding.

Invasive Snail Threatens Ecosystem of Arizona's Salt River

Aug 6, 2018 Apple snails were likely introduced into the river's ecosystem illegally from someone's aquarium.

Study: Droughts Are Growing Hotter Under Climate Change

Aug 6, 2018 Stressors may include environmental and social impacts of drought and heatwaves, driving more frequent wildfires, worsening air quality and stressing crops and livestock.

Southern Arizona Firefighters on the Fire Lines in California

Jul 31, 2018 Carr Fire has claimed at least six lives, including two firefighters.

Residents Warn of Threat to Santa Cruz River if Sewer Pipe Ruptures Again

Jul 31, 2018 Last year, rains caused a breach in a pipeline that carries raw sewage from Mexico to the U.S.

Meteorologists Expect Relief From Drought Conditions for Arizona

Jul 30, 2018 Monsoon rains and El NiƱo weather pattern are expected to bring the Southwest closer to normal conditions.

Record Heat in Phoenix Area Leads to Near-Record Power Usage

Jul 27, 2018 The state's largest utility said Tuesday set the peak for the most electricity used at the same time so far this year.

Arizona May Take Over Permit Program Protecting Rivers

Jul 27, 2018 Conservation groups say the change could weaken protection of rivers, streams and wetlands.

Turning to Recycled Wastewater, Cities May Face an Obstacle: The 'Ick' Factor

Jul 27, 2018 Despite the assurances of scientists, some people can't help but associate safe-to-drink recycled water with human excrement.

Mt. Graham Visitors Urged to be Weather Aware

Jul 26, 2018 Flash flooding risk is high after last year's fire.

Goldilocks Approach: Hoping to Keep Grass Green and Water Waste Down

Jul 26, 2018 Phoenix-area HOAs are trying to save water on the green fields that the desert residents adore.

Drought Remains, But Rains Put Dent in Southwest Fire Danger

Jul 25, 2018 While monsoon can act as a "shut-off valve" for wildfire, much of the West continues to experience drought conditions.

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