Economists in the Eller College of Management created a smart phone application, screen shot shown, with economic data for cities, counties and the state.

Arizona's economy has been scaled down to fit in the palm of a hand.

Economists in the Economic and Business Research Center, at the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management, launched a new smart phone application with economic data about Tucson and the state.

The ap, called Arizona's Economy, is free for Android and iPhone users, and will be updated with new economic information whenever the data is available, said Marshall Vest, the director of the Economic and Business Research Center.

The application joins Eller's other technology driven methods of accessing economic data, he said, including cloud-based information centers and online databases.

The Arizona's Economy smart phone application, created at the University of Arizona's Economic and Business Research Center.

It will contain economic information, such as employment, income trends, unemployment figures, retail sales and building permits, Vest said.

"You can access information for Arizona or for Tucson or Phoenix or for any of the 15 counties," he said. "You can see that right on your smart phone, you can carry that with you."

The application follows trends in how people get their information.

"People are migrating from desktop computers, of course, to tablets and smart phones," he said.

And, Vest said, it can make those who use it look a little smarter in a crunch.

"If you’re in the middle of a meeting and you need to know how many jobs were created in Tucson in the last year, you just flip out your phone and there it is," he said.